K-12 READY-MADE RESOURCES FOR EDUCATORS designed to improve student comprehension

When I taught 5th Grade Science, Classroom Complete Press was my favorite resource! When I transitioned to 2nd grade, I wanted to do something with my high flyers in reading so naturally I thought of book clubs. I was so ecstatic to find CCP resources that matched the books I wanted to do with my kids! These resources are laid out in such an easy to use way. They provide great enrichment activities for my kids.
Teaching With Tallent
Perfect for literature circles!
Kim Pawlyk
Another excellent resource for combining literacy, math, and science instruction. Many of the activities in this product are included in the other "slices" of the unit, so buying the whole unit is definitely more cost-effective.
Heather Erlandson
I am using the Task Sheets at a center and the drill sheets as warm-ups in prepartion for standardized testing this spring. Good stuff!
Susan Donahue
Wonderful resource!
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