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K-12 READY-MADE RESOURCES FOR EDUCATORS designed to improve student comprehension


  • "Helpful for digging deep!"
    Brians Winter Amanda Button
  • "This is a great companion to my novel study!"
    Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Kristen Steadman
  • "I purchased four Hoot literature unit books. This was by far my favorite and the most complete! I LOVED it! The students liked it, too. Awesome!"
    Hoot L.Bush - -
  • "Wonderful!!! We are using this right now and it really keeps the kids engaged and makes them think outside the box."
    The Giver K. Savage - -
  • "Fantastic for tiering reading in my inclusive 7th grade classroom. I was thrilled to find it electronically. The set-up of prior knowledge recall, easily accessible reading passages and great lower level questions to check for concept understanding are great. The kids enjoy reading these passages aloud because everyone can do it and class participation is frenzied when we answer the questions because ALL of my students know the answers!!"
    Human Body BIG BOOK Jennifer Morrell

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