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*Language Arts Site License Bundle

Grades PK to 8 - Site License - Educational Software

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Order #: CCP7902 ISBN13: ---- Grades: PK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Reading Level: Screen Pages: 800
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Our Language Arts Site License Bundle includes 800 screen pages of Interactive content for encompassing all grades in Pk-8

Pricing within a district include: $1400 for the first school and $700 for each additional school. Master CD's will be sent to each school at no additional charge.

A school's comprehensive Language Arts program containing ready-made screens with working with words interactive activities, reading passages, graphic organizers, assessment, memory match game, crossword, and word search. Test your student's comprehension of the lesson with a Comprehension Quiz by using SMART Notebook software's assessment tool, SMART Response. Works on any brand of Interactive Whiteboard, PC or MAC.

Including ten separate 80 screen-page comprehensive lessons including Sight and Picture Word recognition, vocabulary and comprehension for PK-2 students. Students will identify 178 Dolch Sight Words and 120 common nouns using real life pictures as an aid. As students begin to read and build their Sight and Picture Word knowledge, they will build a bank of known vocabulary words that will aid them in beginning to read and spell. Learn how graphic organizers can help students work through the writing process.

Increase vocabulary, sight word recognition and comprehension while students identify the correct pronunciation of Short and Long Vowel phonograms (word families) using real life pictures as an aid. As students begin to read and understand more about the onset and rhyme connection found in word families, they will begin to think of words as not only a series of individual letters and sounds, but as easily recognizable segments or chunks of language.

Your middle school students will become Master Writers when students learn the steps in the writing process and how they help to write a paragraph, book report and essay. Our digital lesson plans offer clear and concise instruction in the drafting and revision phases of writing. We also take the fear out of writing essays while giving students the tools to comprehensively express their point of view. Learn how graphic organizers can help students work through the writing process.

Your middle school students will become Master Readers as students will gain the ability to communicate and understand the written word with reading comprehension, literary devices and critical thinking skills. Covering a wide range of topics such as Main Idea, Making Inferences, Characterization, Point of View, and Independent Thinking, students will begin a journey that will continue on into adulthood. Graphic Organizers are paired with each topic, allowing students to interactively practice what they have learned.

Language Arts Bundle Titles
CCP7100 - Grades PK-2 High Frequency Sight Words
CCP7101 - Grades PK-2 High Frequency Picture Words
CCP7112 - Grades PK-2 Word Families: Short Vowels
CCP7113 - Grades PK-2 Word Families: Long Vowels
CCP7104 - Grades 3-8 How to Write a Paragraph
CCP7105 - Grades 3-8 How to Write a Book Report
CCP7106 - Grades 3-8 How to Write an Essay
CCP7108 - Grades 3-8 Reading Comprehension
CCP7109 - Grades 3-8 Literary Devices
CCP7110 - Grades 3-8 Critical Thinking

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